Version 0.2 alpha released!

*** Version 0.2 alpha ***

New features / fixes:
- You can no longer shoot at dead people/zombies for interesting effects ;)
- Cursor locked on no VR device present (makes mouse control easier and more FPS like)
- Smooth rotation enabled, when no VR device is present
- Ragdoll physics for zombies/citizens getting shot
- Increased mouse move speed (should probably be configurable)
- Guns follow camera if no VR device present (makes it easier to aim and you can reload by looking up)

Known issues:
- Sometimes players or zombie 1 spawns inside buildings (will be fixed later by new level geometry)
- Sometimes ragdoll physics go a bit crazy (Not a big issue for now, so will be postponed for final polish state)


TZVRInstaller.exe 42 MB
Apr 22, 2019

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