Early test released

First version released:

- Play in VR with Oculus Rift or without with mouse/wasd or attached controller.
- Intro and test level gameplay is done.
- Game can be ended if you die or if all zombies are killed.


- Sometimes the controller and headset is slightly off. Make sure you look in the proper direction in VR, as it's the controller angle that determines your direction.
- Game can only be ended with ALT-F4 or by going to the Oculus panel and exit the game.
- You can shoot dead zombies for fun results, although the don't fall down (yet).
- Sometimes people spawn inside buildings (or worse the initial zombie). In that case restart the game. It's because of test level geometry, that needs to be corrected.
- Probably more. Please write any you encounter (as well as suggestions/praise etc.) in the comments ;)


TZVRInstaller.exe 42 MB
Apr 17, 2019

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