Are your math combat skills up to date?

Select the plus, minus or multiplication dungeon and fight monsters in a relentless battle of math skills.

Solve the equation given before the skull bar fills up or the monster hits you!

Provide a wrong answer and the monster also hits you!

How long can you survive in the dark dungeons of MathCaveRPG?

Appstore link ( can't figure out the new path Apple use): MathCaveRPG for iOS

GenreEducational, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tagsdungeon, Math

Also available on


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Apparently, I'm not as good at basic maths as I thought I was. 

Anyway, decent little educational game with enough visual style to actually interest older kids. Perhaps the game would benefit from a faster "Keyboard mode" which would allow the user to type their answer instead of manually pressing the buttons on PC. I can see this game being used in classes; although to which age group I am not so sure of. 

As for the mobile market, this should be plenty good enough, although I am a little unsure of who the target audience actually is for the mobile aspect of this game as children and adults alike are far less likely to download a maths game willingly.

Overall, decently polished, and visually great. 

Thanks :) 

It is actually a mobile game, so that's why you can't use keyboard.

I don't sell it anymore, as nobody bought it. It did ok as a free game though ;)